Arthur Duff

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“THERE IS DOUBT THAT IS DOUBT”. In other words: watch carefully, you may find meaning. IN HIDING uses random combinations coupled together to create fortuitous expressions that may or may not make sense. Here meaning becomes dependent on chance in a cyclical and infinite stream of photons. Each expression, e.g.

“There is play that is play”, suggests there is a ‘real’ something and there is a ‘not real’ something and for that phrase to be effective it must be delivered in a specific context. Without context the intended meaning slips away. But when the words are projected onto the gallery walls they acquire a physical place allowing new meaning and narrative to emerge.
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Avaible works



Avaible works

  • Scatter Cadaver, 2017

    polyester sheath and red and yellow neon
    environmental dimensions

  • Endings, 2015

    lava rock, argon
    9 x 16 x 12 cm

  • Scatter, 2016

    site-specific installation in collaboration with Studio la Città and Spazio Galtarossa 21/A, Verona