Shaun Gladwell

Shaun Gladwell grew up in Sydney’s western suburbs and began to experiment with video after his ambitions to become a professional skateboarder were ruined by injury.
However, Gladwell is no ordinary video-wielding skateboarder and his artworks are not the fast and choppy videos you normally see in this genre. From the very beginning of his experiments with video, taking shots of his brothers jumping over paintings on their bikes, Gladwell wanted to capture something different.

Equilibrium is also an ongoing subtext in much of Gladwell’s work. In a Station of the Metro, 2006, are poetic explorations of equilibrium in its everyday sense, literally as balance. His performers move or hold their bodies in a state in which all forces acting on them are equal.
Gladwell has been selected to represent Australia at the Biennale of Venice 2009 with his work MADDESTMAXIMVS.
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Available works



Available works

  • Skateboarders vs Minimalism, 2015

    H.D. Video 1.79:1, color, sound
    Performers: Rodney Mullen, Hilary Thompson, Jesus Esteban
    Videography: Judd Overton
    Stills photography: Alex Kershaw
    Music: Kazumichi Grime and Phillip Glass Islands (Glassworks)© 1981 Dunvagen Music Publishers Inc., Courtesy of Orange Mountain Music. By kind permission of the Music Sales Group)
    Commissioned by Catriona and Simon Mordant AM for the 40the Anniversary Edition of the Sydney Festival
    58:23 min

  • In a station of the metro, 2006

    DVD video



  • Studio la Città opens on Saturday 16 September, the exhibition: The Bike Connection, contamination between art and bicycles worlds, in collaboration with Dario Pegoretti and the historic company Brooks England company that, since 1866, produces prestigious leather seats.
    16 September – 30 September, 2017 | Studio la Città, Verona