Senza Tema. Carta / Paper


Studio la Città opens Senza Tema. Carta / Paper exhibition on Saturday 9th June at 11.30 am, a group exhibition dedicated to the production on paper of 65 international artists who, over the years, have exhibited with the gallery or have been personally collected by its owner: Hélène de Franchis.

«In a gallery like this, where it is usual to find large-scale installations, it will be strange to find yourself catapulted into an almost nineteenth-century-like exhibition with some hundred works on paper by artists from various periods. This show also came into being as a result of my curiosity and a wish to explore works on paper on a more intimate, almost domestic scale that, inevitably, involves and pinpoints my personal taste, my freedom to choose something for once … “without a subject”.»

Artists on show:

Brian Alfred Andreco Franco Angeli Stuart Arends Rodolfo Aricò Carlo Battaglia Davide Benati Antonio Calderara Pier Paolo Calzolari Riccardo Camoni Luigi Carboni Alan Castelli de Capua Stefano Cattaneo Michael Challenger Enzo Cucchi Sonia Delaunay Robyn Denny Jim Dine Piero Dorazio Ulrich Erben Robert Feintuch Lucio Fontana Marco Gastini Pia Gazzola Michael Goldberg Herbert Hamak Jacob Hashimoto Nicholas Howey John Hoyland Salomon Huerta Eva Kotátková David Leverett Sol LeWitt Emil Lukas Julia Mangold Gastone Novelli Carl Ostendarp Jürgen Paatz Giulio Paolini Paolo Patelli Robert Petersen Daniel Poensgen Lucio Pozzi David Rabinowitch Mauro Reggiani Steve Roden Stephen Rosenthal David Row Douglas Sanderson Mario Schifano Giacomo Segantin Giorgia Severi Nataraj Sharma David Simpson Richard Smith Ettore Spalletti Ted Stamm Jessica Stockholder Eugenio Tibaldi William Tillyer Richard Tuttle Hema Upadhyay Claudio Verna Luigi Veronesi John Walker


Starts: 9 June 2018
Ends: 29 September 2018


Studio la Città
Lungadige Galtarossa 21
37133, Verona

Press release: download here

More news

  • In the wonderful setting of the Sinagoga, Vincenzo Castella, master of Italian photography, shows his most recent project Urban Screens, a labyrinthine vision of a vegetation that is both domesticated and unknowable, a reflection on the relationship of contemporary man with the natural element.
    April 12 – June 9, 2019 | Fotografia Europea 2019 – Sinagoga, via dell’Aquila, 3/a, Reggio Emilia

  • Jacob Hashimoto continues his research on the intersection between landscape and abstraction, through new wall works, created starting from his famous “kites”, created for the occasion with new patterns. The exhibition in Verona, entitled The Heartbeat of Irreducible Curves, enriches the exhibition program of the artist, who, again with Studio la Città, will also be present in Venice, within the collective Recursions & Mutations, on Giudecca Island on the occasion of the 58th edition of the Biennale.
    May 4 – November 9, 2019 | Studio la Città – Verona

  • On May 4 2019 Studio la Città will be opening the group show The Artifact Labyrinth: unfixed histories and the language of transformation, a show curated by Jacob Hashimoto who, for this occasion, has invited four American artists, Dave HardyDave KennedyElizabeth Moran and Abbey Williams, to take part in a conceptual and visual interaction between their heterogeneous works of sculpture, installations, and video.
    May 4 – September 7, 2019 | Studio la Città – Verona

  • Tracey Snelling will participate in the 58th Venice Biennale. More information after May 1, 2019. Stay tuned!

  • Tracey Snelling will be one of the protagonists of the XIII edition of the Havana Biennial, participating in the Intermittent Rivers project under the direction of María Magdalena Campos-Pons.
    April 16 – May 16, 2019 | Intermittent Rivers / Havana Biennial – Havana

  • Studio la Città is continuing the research activity it began ten years ago in Venice and is organising, concurrently with the 58th edition of the Venice Biennale, the exhibition Recursions and Mutations with works by Vincenzo CastellaLynn Davis, Jacob Hashimoto and Roberto Pugliese.
    May 8 – July 28, 2019 | GAD – Giudecca Art District, Giudecca, Venice

  • On the occasion of the 58th Venice Art Biennale, Studio la Città presents the exhibition After J.M.W. Turner 1834 – 2019 by Hiroyuki Masuyama.
    May 8 – July 28, 2019 | GAD – Giudecca Art District, Giudecca, Venice

  • Michael Najjar, with the Netropolis series, is one of the finalists of the Sony World Photography Awards 2019.

  • Michael Najjar, with a selection of works belonging to the outer space series, is one of the protagonists of the exhibition Civilization: The Way We Live Now.
    March 9th – May 15th, 2019 | Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

  • For sale online the catalog Vincenzo Castella – Mississippi / Tennessee 1976 published by Humboldt with texts by Frank Boehm and Alberto Saibene. The book also contains a postcard with the photo Van Hula Hunt, Memphis Tenn. 1976 signed and dated on the back by the artist.

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