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Poem without word

Curated by Stanislao Vialardi

ARTISTS: Cleo Fariselli, Francesca Ferreri, Sophie Ko, Renato Leotta, Agathe Rosa, Manuel Scano Larrazàbal, Serena Vestrucci

November 25th, 2023 – January 27th, 2024
Opening: Saturday, November 25th, 2023, 11 a.m.

Hélène de Franchis invited, a young collector, Vialardi, to propose a selection of young artists present in his collection and not represented by Studio la Città. Thus the title of the show: poem without words, with works by Cleo Fariselli, Francesca Ferreri, Sophie Ko, Renato Leotta, Agathe Rosa, Manuel Scano Larrazàbal, Serena Vestrucci.

The title Poem without word is borrowed from a song written in 1987 – made famous in 1993 as a techno track – and refers to the “time of apples” years of the collector-curator and the generation of artists chosen for the exhibition, all born in the 1980s.
Another reason, in addition to anagraphic and generational contingency, underlies Vialardi’s choice, which he explains as follows: This exhibition is meant to be a personal tribute to the research and scientific popularization work of two italian physicists Guido Tonelli and Carlo Rovelli (who is from Verona) explorers of “otherworlds,” discoverers of phenomena that change the story of the origin of the universe and consequently the narrative of our origins. I believe that a story of such magnitude should be sung by the poetry of art: without words, but in a way as charged and dense as the emptiness of physicsThe works of the artists whom I suggested for the exhibition have accompanied my gaze and thoughts in the recent reading of these great scientists that we are fortunate to live in the present.

Our thanks to the galleries: Peola Simondi, Torino | Renata Fabbri, Milano | Société Interludio, Torino | Sprovieri, London.

Corraini books and games, Santa Lucia and Christmas

November 25th – December 23rd, 2023
Opening: Saturday, November 25th, 2023, 11 a.m.

Corraini Edizioni is a publishing house and an art gallery, as well as a space for experimentation and research that recently celebrated its 50th anniversary: a “publishing workshop” open to artists, illustrators and designers, from both Italy and abroad, to create books and art and design projects. Our work with Bruno Munari stands out among our numerous collaborations; he was a versatile artist and designer who worked steadily with Corraini for many years, giving us the idea of ​​a workshop that is always open to creativity and imagination. Naturally, given the association with Munari, particular attention is given to artists’ books for children.
In the “library” set up at Studio la Città there will be books, catalogues, posters, games and objects by Enzo Mari, Steven Guarnaccia, Suzy Lee, Fausto Gilberti, Andrea Antinori and many others. An opportunity to make a gift for the upcoming holidays.

In collaboration with Corraini Edizioni, Mantova.

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