Alberto Garutti

When someone asks me if I still make crystal-glass ‘horizons’ like those in the Venice Biennale, I tell them yes, I still make them and will continue to do so.
In fact, when I make a line I always think of it as the horizon passing through the houses of the owners of these works. I imagine this line entering a house and then continuing out of it until it joins up with the one in my studio or the one I’m about to make. It is the ideal construction of the ‘horizon that accompanies my life’.

This is why my plan is one day to bring together all these pictures and, after having lined them up, to construct a long line never seen before. The names of all my collectors, who are real friends because they are the people who love and defend the work, are listed chronologically and so form an integral part of the project. So the work is constructed according to ‘sentimental’ principles. “Those I love are the real horizon of my life”.
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Available works


Available works

  • Senza titolo, 1994

    mirror with holes
    86 x 65 cm

  • Senza titolo, 1992

    water painting on table, holes, glass
    210 x 130 cm

  • Senza titolo - Orizzonti, 2002

    glass and iron
    136 x 96 x 6 cm

  • Senza titolo, 1995

    colored crystal
    160 x 120 cm


  • Installation view, 2006

    Museo di Palazzo Poggi, Bologna

  • Installation view, 2002

    Studio la Città, Art Cologne, Colonia


  • Alberto Garutti is the winner of the international Art Competition for the creation of the artworks for the Tre Soglie in Ca’ Corniani; the contest, part of a large project of landscape improvement curated by the architecture studio LAND, has been announced last June: Elena Tettamanti and Antonella Soldaini curated the art, while the landscape was curated by Andreas Kipar.