«What dominates me is the theme of water, vision, and allegory. Transparency leads me to the depths beyond the mirror, the depths lead me back to the questions of the surface. I am moved by the consistency of this path, by meeting the representations of nature thrown into randomness, and by the way randomness expresses through its positions, intersections, and rhythms the secret of a composition. I wait for the wind, currents, and light to choose the shot as though that instant were an attempt to
grasp the inescapable moment of the presence and dissolution of things. Time. Time is everything. The right moment, the illusion to pass with time and to stop it when I have to. To continue and to stop: at times I have the impression that my work is a private testimony, not to be confessed to anybody, about the evanescence of life as I feel it to be, as it presents itself materially to my eyes.
Flowers abandoned to the solitude of a form or colour;