Eelco Brand

The oeuvre of Eelco Brand belongs to a pictorial tradition in which landscape and genre scenes play a leading role, but goes beyond the traditional forms of this genre. Realistically looking landscapes are combined with abstract components, absurdity and humour are constantly accompanying the artworks of Eelco Brand.
The landscapes seem familiar to us, evoking the impression of having seen them before – stereotypes, completely virtually constructed, but of a strong expressive power. But is not any form of visualisation of landscapes constructed,

even those we see in our mind’s eye when we imagine a landscape? The artworks of Eelco Brand encourages us to think about our perception of reality.
In Brand’s films the viewer is effortlessly changing perspectives: crawling like bugs, moving below and above a water surface. Mushrooms turn into floating jellyfish-like forms. The slow movements as well as the endlessly repeating loop of the short films are nearly meditative and do not meet in any respect with the expectation that we have of animated films.
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3D animation




3D animation

  • PT.movi, 2018

    3D animation continuous
    102,3 x 61 x 10 cm

  • VWV.movi, 2015

    Digital animation, continuous, sound
    HD 23” screen
    61 x 102 x 12 cm

  • Y.Movi, 2010

    3D animation, continuous screen
    54 x 34 x 9 cm

  • N.movi, 2011

    3d animation, endless
    monitor 35 x 57 x 9,5 cm

  • P.movi, 2010

    DVD digital animation
    54 x 34 x 9 cm

  • R.movi, 2005

    DVD 3D computer animation

  • O.movi, 2004

    DVD 3D computer animation


  • Land, 2007

    100 x 150 cm

  • HEUVELS, 2006

    90 x 140 cm

  • Sparbos 2, 2006

    Ed. of 6
    50 x 50 cm

  • Sparheuvels, 2006

    90 x 160 cm


  • Polygons & Polymers, 2018

    installation view
    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Installation view, 2016

    Studio la Città, Arte Fiera, Bologna

  • Animatio - Installation view

    Studio la Città - 2015

  • Persistence of vision. Painting with software - Installation view

    Studio la Città - 2012