Jacob Hashimoto

Jacob Hashimoto was born in Greeley, U.S.A., in 1973.

Jacob Hashimoto is distinctly American yet he is also involved with his Japanese heredity in a genuinely creative, rather than imitative, manner.

Using sculpture, painting, and installation, Jacob Hashimoto creates complex worlds from a range of modular components: bamboo-and-paper kites, model boats, even astroturf-covered blocks. His accretive, layered compositions reference video games, virtual environments, and cosmology, while also remaining deeply rooted in art-historical traditions notably, landscape-based abstraction, modernism, and handcraft. See biography

Wall pieces

Works on canvas/wood




Wall pieces

  • The standard situation of mutual perceptions, 2022

    bamboo, dacron, paper, wood, acrylic
    137,5 x 122 x 21 cm

  • This Dense Circuit of What We Always Wanted - Wishful and Incomplete, 2019

    Bamboo, dacron, paper, nylon, acrylic and pigments,
    71 x 47,5 x 20 cm

  • The Reclamation, 2022

    Acrylic, bamboo, paper, wood, and dacron
    81 x 65 x 20 cm

  • The Lightning Maze, 2019

    bamboo, Dacron, paper, nylon, acrylic and pigments
    71 x 47,5 x 20 cm

  • A thousand everyday sights IV, 2022

    bamboo, dacron, paper, wood, acrylic
    180 x 9 x 10,5 cm

  • A thousand everyday sights III, 2022

    bamboo, dacron, paper, wood, acrylic
    180 x 9 x 10,5 cm

  • As if the Whole Sky Had Collapsed and We Just Watched, 2020

    Paper, wood, acrylic, dacron, bamboo
    249 x 30 x 21 cm

  • Untitled - 2003

    wall installation
    Paper, bamboo, Dacron
    390 x 110 x 16 cm

Works on canvas/wood

  • The Daydream.2- DYPTYCH, 2023

    Acrylic and oil on linen
    31 x 50,80 x 2,54 cm

  • Past the Haze of the Sun.2, 2023

    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    61 x 46 x 4,12 cm

  • Past the Haze of the Sun.7, 2023

    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    61 x 46 x 4 cm

  • The Magpie.5, 2023

    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    46 x 46 x 4,12 cm

  • The Irreducible Horizon, 2023

    Acrylic on canvas
    92 x 61,27 x 4,12 cm

  • The Magpie.3, 2023

    Acrylic and oil on canvas
    46 x 46 x 4,12 cm


  • White Waves, 2005

    50 x 50 x 50 cm

  • Positivo e Negativo n. 2, 2003

    varnished high density polyurethane
    100 x 50 x 50 cm
    (due pezzi)

  • Positivo Negativo n. 1, 2003

    varnished high density polyurethane, fiberglass
    50 x 100 x 50 cm

  • Water Block 4, 2003

    varnished high density polyurethane
    50 x 50 x 100 cm


  • The Burn Out Sun, 2022

    Installation view

  • The Dark Isn’t the Thing to Worry About, 2017-2018

    bamboo, Dacron, paper, resin, nylon, acrylic and pigments
    variable dimensions
    installation view "Recursions and Mutations"
    Studio la Città at GAD - Giudecca Art District, Venice

  • Eclipse, 2017

    cotton, paper, bamboo, silkscreen print
    installation view
    Palazzo Flangini, Venice

  • The End of Utopia, 2017

    installation view
    Palazzo Flangini, Venice

  • Un racconto in sei stanze, 2016

    installation view
    Palazzo Barbò - Studio la Città

  • Never Comes Tomorrow, 2016

    installation view
    Studio la Città - temporary space
    via Pestalozzi 4, Milano

  • Installation view, 2016

    Studio la Città, Arte Fiera, Bologna

  • Never Comes Tomorrow, 2015

    installation view
    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Gas Giant, 2013 - Installation view

    Fondazione Querini Stampalia - Venezia

  • Untitled, 1999-2013 - Installation view

    paper, bamboo, acrylic, dacron
    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Superabundant Atmosphere, 2013 - Installation view

    Bildmuseet Umeå, Svezia

  • Sky Columns, 2013

    installation view
    Schauwerk Sindelfingen (Peter Schaufler Foundation), Sindelfingen

  • Installation view, 2012

    Arte Fiera, Studio la Città, Bologna

  • Armada, 2011 - Installation view

    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Jacob Hashimoto, 2010 - Installation view

    MACRO, Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma

  • INFINITUM, 2009 - Installation view

    Palazzo Fortuny, Venezia

  • Superabundant Atmosphere, 2005 - 2008 - Installation view

    bamboo, silk , nylon thread
    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Jacob Hashimoto, 2006 - Installation view

    Studio la Città, Verona

  • Jacob Hashimoto, 2004 - Installation view

    Professional Day, Basel 2004


  • Saturday February 10, 2024 the exhibition TORN CURTAIN buongiorno, buonasera opens in the gallery. Like a narration of lives that run parallel, the exhibition – rather mysterious and unusual – presents a figurative dialogue between Luca Massimo Barbero and Hélène de Franchis; more than 60 works are on display, chosen according to each curator’s taste, with as many artists from various periods of art history, including painting, sculpture, installations and ceramics. Until May 4, 2024.

  • Studio la Città participates in the 56th edition of ArtCologne from 16 to 19 November 2023. In collaboration with Boccanera Gallery, six artists will be on display: Emil Lukas, Herbert Hamak and Jacob Hashimoto for Studio la Città and Linda Carrara, Andrea Fontanari and Gabriele Grones for Boccanera Gallery.

  • Jacob Hashimoto‘s new solo show opens on Thursday 7 September: the first show in New York since 2016! The Miles McEnery Gallery features The Disappointment Engine, a site-specific installation that will be open until October 21, 2023.

  • Jacob Hashimoto’s solo show at Studio la Città will present for the first time an entire collection of 34 works on canvas. Therefore, it will not be monochrome kites that engaging the gallery space, or colored kites mounted in wall pieces. This time Hashimoto works only on the canvas, his work is pure paint on canvas. The exhibition opens on Saturday June 24 and continues until November 11, 2023.

  • From May 24th to July 22nd 2023, Clavé Fine Art presents the work of the American artist Jacob Hashimoto, in collaboration with Studio la Città.

  • Jacob Hashimoto exhibits for the first time at the BAM Museum in Boise – Idaho the site-specific installation The Fractured Giant: a totally immersive experience inside the museum’s “sculpture court”. On display until January 21, 2024.

  • Now and Ever. Pattern and Decoration
    Antonio Colombo Contemporary art. Until November 19, 2022
    Among the artists on display: Lucas Beaufort, Jacob Hashimoto, Andy Cruz of House Industries, Barry McGee, Fulvia Mendini and Tarsila Schubert.

  • From Saturday, June 11, 2022, Jacob Hashimoto’s colourful realm returns to Verona on occasion of a summer exhibition presenting new wall pieces: not only works featuring the iconic “kites” that have established the artist on the international scene, but also a new series of detailed woodcuts, realised in collaboration with Durham Press. On display at Studio la Città until October 29, 2022.

  • Jacob Hashimoto’s public installations in the USA, explained in an extensive interview by Nina Azzarello on Designboom.
    Read the full article

    ph. credits Mario Gallucci

  • Studio la Città is pleased to announce that the artist Jacob Hashimoto has been selected by the Guerrieri Rizzardi winery for the creation of the Clos Roareti label – 2017: the tenth bottled vintage on the market produced in 13,333 numbered bottles. Click here for more information

  • In this video-documentary, Jacob Hashimoto reveals to the public, directly from his  New York studio, the creative realization of his first bicycle, conceived in collaboration with the amazing bicycle framebuilder Dario Pegoretti within the Ciavete project. WATCH THE VIDEO

  • In this interesting video Jacob Hashimoto reflect about his beautiful room-sized installations inspired by Minecraft. See the FULL VIDEO!

  • McDonald’s opens its new Chicago headquarters in the West Loop neighborhood. A project that combines design and culture, which intends to embrace today’s changes in work and lifestyles. Inside the building stands a huge waterfall of colored kites: a suspended installation by our artist Jacob Hasimoto, tailor-made to welcome visitors in the atrium of the new building. Ph. credit: Garrett Rowland

  • The Gas Giant installation by Jacob Hashimoto appears in the ranking of the 100 key art of the 2010s, published by Artnet!
    Gas Giant was exhibited in 2013 in a solo show organized by Studio la Città on the fourth floor of the Querini Stampalia Foundation in Venice, in the space recently renovated by Mario Botta. Read more

  • Starting from 17 January 2020, the works of Jacob Hashimoto will be exhibited in Paris, in a solo show at the Galerie Italienne. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Studio la Città. 17 January – 22 February | Galerie Italienne, 15 Rue du Louvre – Paris.

  • After the success of the Recursions & Mutations exhibition, organized by Studio la Città on the Giudecca Island on the occasion of the 58th Venice Art Biennale, Jacob Hashimoto continues his artistic research enriching his solo show titled The Heartbeat with new works and installations of Irreducible Curves: Part II.
    September 21 – November 16, 2019 | Studio la Città – Verona

  • Jacob Hashimoto will carry out a large site-specific installation at the Portland International Airport.

  • Now on sale the catalogue of the group exhibition Recursions and Mutations. The catalogue, published by Silvana Editoriale, consist of 64 pages and contains essays by Jacob Hashimoto and Daniele Capra.
    To purchase please click here.