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Random and purpose

Opening Saturday April 1st 2023, at 10 A.M.
April 1st – June 1st 2023
with text by Marco Meneguzzo

Lukas, in assembling these energies around himself, obviously indifferent to art, and employing them for his work, affirms his desire to define being-in-the-world and being-in-space-time. The positioning of these forces lengthens the set of reference points for our existence right now. Vigna, on the other hand, almost hypnotically indulges in the beauty of the outcome as he hovers on the oily surface, forming a vision of a different galaxy every time that is similar to all the others but is not and can never be the same. A single life is insufficient because there are infinite possibilities.

Marco Meneguzzo in “Autodisporsi. Random and purpose”, catalogue published by Studio la Città, 2023