Current Exhibitions

Rosso e Grigio

Luca Caccioni | Luigi Carboni | Sonia Delaunay
Lucio Fontana | Alberto Garutti | Dave Hardy
Antonio Ievolella | Imi Knoebel | Riyas Komu
Claudia Losi | Emil Lukas | Fausto Melotti
Daniela Monaci | Lucio Pozzi | Emilio Scanavino
Alberto Scodro | Francesco Simeti | Jessica Stockholder

Curated by Marco Meneguzzo

12 December 2020 – 27 February 2021

Rosso e Grigio is the title of the new show curated by Marco Meneguzzo in programme at Studio la Città from 12 December 2020.
18 artists will be featured with works in ceramic or cement.
As already happened in the show titled Vetro, Glass, the guiding line is again that of “curiosity” in seeing how these artists work with these materials: both the artists who use them frequently in their work and the artists who have only experimented with them occasionally. Studio la Città has chosen this interesting field of inquiry to discover and compare the various applications and different art-research languages of artists who belong to different generations, nationalities, and cultures.
The title of the show refers to two distinct colours, just as distinct are the materials that are its protagonists. Terracotta and ceramic, as Marco Meneguzzo points out in the text for the show, “are antithetical materials: either one or the other is used, and it is difficult – if not impossible – to find them together, due to a kind of behavioural incompatibility that sees the warmth of the earth counterposed to the chill of the conglomerate, just as red is distant from grey, not to speak of their genuine structural quality.”

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Indossare il colore

12.12.2020 – 27.02.2021

Studio la Città has decided to indossare il colore (dress in the colours) of Angela Caputi, the extraordinary designer of jewels known throughout the world, with the enjoyable idea of following up the attention it is paying to the female world. In fact the show follows on from La Musée 2, an exhibition almost wholly female that was hosted in the rooms of the gallery for a month and a half.
The creations by the designer are unique and inimitable jewels which adorn women of all ages and from all parts of the world. Their particularity resides in their design and colour, they are genuine exclusive and sophisticated art objects.

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