Current Exhibitions

MIMESIS – 3rd Stone From The Sun

curated by Salvatore Lacagnina

20 February – 02 April 2021

On February 20th Studio la Città inaugurates MIMESIS – 3rd Stone From The Sun, an exhibition of Vincenzo Castella curated by Salvatore Lacagnina. The subject of these images is Nature, a captive plant world. The artist has never been descriptive nor seduced by specific cataloguing. He always opted for a careful observation to understand the complexity of visions and representations. In this exhibition, his gaze wishes to get as close as possible to things. He almost gets to the point of entering things in an attempt to understand them, to know their secret, to perhaps grasp their meaning within a broader and deeper vision.

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Rosso e Grigio

New set up

Luca Caccioni | Luigi Carboni | Lucio Fontana | Alberto Garutti
Dave Hardy |
Antonio Ievolella | Imi Knoebel | Claudia Losi | Emil Lukas 
Daniela Monaci | Lucio Pozzi | Alberto Scodro | Francesco Simeti 

Curated by Marco Meneguzzo

20 February – 2 April 2021

In February the rooms of the gallery were rearranged to open a new exhibition and on this occasion also the Red and Gray exhibition was rethought, partly modifying the original set up, but retaining its intentions.
The title of the show refers to two distinct colours, just as distinct are the materials that are its protagonists: ceramic and cement. Marco Meneguzzo points out in the text for the show, “are antithetical materials: either one or the other is used, and it is difficult – if not impossible – to find them together, due to a kind of behavioural incompatibility that sees the warmth of the earth counterposed to the chill of the conglomerate, just as red is distant from grey, not to speak of their genuine structural quality.”

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