ArtBasel is the main appointment of a season that has seen the gallery concentrate on three direction for the development of the programme. On one side we will exhibit the works, absolutely new or unseen before, of those artists that can be considered the “classics” of the gallery: Gabriele Basilico, Pierpaolo Calzolari, and Ettore Spalletti. We will also show the works of those artists that the gallery has launched and followed in these last years such as Luigi Carboni, Herbert Hamak, Jacob Hashimoto, Hiroyuki Masuyama. The gallery will also propose to its international public the works of a number of artists that are showing in Basel for the first time such as Brian Alfred with his landscapes constructed and painted with techniques between analog and digital, Eelco Brand with his naturalistic ricreations only so virtual made of videos and stills, Arthur Duff with his installations that play with vocabulary and perspectives, Michael Light, photographer of real landscapes that seem not so, Tracey Snelling who reproduces an American reality made of scenaries that mix souvenir, curiosity and voyerism, Timothy Tompkins who paints with enamel on alluminum borderline of photophaphy and painting, Pablo Zuleta-Zahr, with his continuos and relentless work of reorganization of the human populations. Each one of all these artists comes from different backgrounds and countries and operates a research that uses conventional and unexpected media with creative liberty with great technical attention.