“+35 -35”, this is the spirit in which Studio la Città takes part in the eleventh edition of MiArt.
This is not just a play on words but, rather, a linguistic equation that expresses the exact state of a gallery that celebrated its 35th anniversary last year: on the one hand there is its collaboration with well-established artists and, on the other, the presentation of younger artists who fit in with and renew the particular programme of the gallery.
So we will be present at MiArt for the first time in the Anteprima section devoted exclusively to artists under 35 years old.
Here we will present some of the new artists n the gallery’s programme.The choice of these artists has been studied carefully and includes different expressive forms, formal techniques, and means of communications. All these are extremely representative of the complexity and variety of today’s art. This, then, will be the occasion for discovering the works by Arthur Duff, the photos by the South African Subotsky and the Chilean Pablo Zuleta-Zahr, the investigations of cities by Brian Alfred, and the artificial images of Eelco Brand, as well as the canvases by Philippe Neull.