Brian Alfred is an American artist who, while having a well-defined and easily recognised style, tries in every way to experiment with different compositional and technical solutions. In this show too, with its emblematic title Majic Window, paintings, collages, and 3-D animations follow each other in search of stylistic unity. Alfred’s compositional choices and the resulting images are recognisable above all for the evident and necessary three-dimensionality that they display. In fact the artist never makes use of spatial illusions, not even for a moment, in order to fool the viewers or to induce them to shift their attention on to the reality he alludes to. The surfaces of his works are flat, the result of the graphics processing which came about with the earliest digital imaging, a technique that was not yet sufficiently sophisticated to be misleading. And for this very reason it is used by the artist for the capacity of the images to question themselves about art and the mechanisms  that govern those ways of communicating images which, by now, are dominant in our post-industrial society.