[…]  The artists Anna Galtarossa and Daniel González come and go to and from Mexico City, New York City, Berlin, Milan… and now to and from Verona where they will stop to install the show Cloud Factory at Studio la Città […]. Anna is the heart and, in fact, she has constructed a space in the centre of the gallery which hosts 5 sculptures hanging from the ceiling and that slowly, slowly, almost imperceptibly, spin. They are suspended bodies made from soft and coloured materials, art bodies that brush against us or that we brush against as we pass through the middle. Ghostly and spiritual bodies, as the artist herself says. Bodies against which we measure our own body, and this is where we find the Italian aspect of Galtarossa’s work, because the measurement of body and space is the hallmark of Italian art; it is something that cannot be lost even when it adopts anti-classical forms and materials […]. This heart of the show is surrounded by the body of the show with the art of Daniel González, who in turn creates a space-body that wraps the viewer in an ironic-conceptual installation that alludes to Warhol, though through a kinetic-popular, folkloristic, and political rereading. Here the crucial aspect of the show is the implementation of the reality-fiction, truth-lies relationship, as is obvious from the enormous kinetic-Pop, blue-black-silver splash on the walls; and then there is the cardboard fencing that pretends to be wrought iron and which, in turn, encloses a fake garden of everyday canned products […]. Here in this phantasmagoria of iridescent and chromatically vibrant colours, art finds a use that goes beyond vision and shifts towards a domestic use in which we meet the still-life of art and the live-life of flowers and life […].
Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, 2012