From 13 December 2014, a room in Studio la Città will be hosting works by the young artist Greta Rento: a summary of contemporary art and design in a project involving materials, nature, the strength of humanity, and the passing of time. All of Greta Rento’s works are highly autobiographical and strongly marked by the mysticism of the Feltre mountains among which she was born and raised. These works present themselves as those by a contemporary demiurge who, by handling the material, has given them a spiritual aura underlined by the warmth and luminous fascination of the candles which, together with stone, are essential elements of Greta’s brilliant sculptures.

As the artist herself says:
My work is immersed in the mysticism and nature of the places I grew up in. Most of the objects I create are in stone, due to a family tradition, and involve a variety of other different materials, among which steel, bronze, and wood, and I rely on artisanal, artistic, and technological abilities. Through my work I explore the interconnections between elements – cosmic, terrestrial, conscious and subconscious, past and future, scientific and spiritual – as well as the relationship between handcraft traditions and new technological processes. I create objects that, through their forms and colours, celebrate everyday beauty and evoke nature, tradition and rituals. These are timeless pieces made to be used and enjoyed; they are also made to express the great fascination that material, together with the demanding yet meditative process of a unique work made by hand, has always had for me.

In the show will be works created over two years: a large-scale installation consisting of over three hundred pieces, unique works in pale stone containing small lamps (Lucciola, 2013), and two installations with works in dark-coloured stone inspired by the finding of a single dolomite rock; these contain a sea that has literally been “fossilized” inside (Forever, 2014, and Il mare dentro, 2014).