Sabine Haubitz and Stefanie Zoche – called Haubitz + Zoche, a couple of artists who joined forces in 1998 – photograph swimming pools from swimming pools, or else they photograph bodies as they enter this strange world of water in the place of air. It is a known and familiar world, and yet it is so strange if we look at it with innocent eyes: weight no longer exists, everything is always blue, bodies are no longer subject to gravity and become weird forms of ectoplasm that we have trouble in identifying just because they are physically and conceptually ‘freed’ from the weight of weight. Haubitz + Zoche’s sight of the world is always upwards, towards the sky and the ‘beyond’ which, ironically, consists of structures typical of swimming pools – diving boards, a few trees – but which are unreachable, distant, mysterious, like all colours which are not blue.