Jacob Hashimoto

13.10.2020 – 02.04.2021

Jacob Hashimoto’s work has been seen regularly in Italy since 1999, thanks to Hélène de Franchis foresight.
This exhibition invites us to return to the origins of Jacob Hashimoto’s work, to the basic elements of his work, both from a purely chronological point of view and in a broader ideal sense. If in the most recent works, in large installations, the subject almost seems to become the space, with full and empty spaces, here the main question is that of the “module”, in other words the minimum element – round, elliptical or square – that, constructed in the form of a tiny kite, is the smallest particle of each of his works, a molecule, a “monad”, that, by meeting up with similar elements, determines the form of the work. In these non-installation works, the superimposition, distance and thickness of the elements give depth to something that by its very nature is two-dimensional, to understand how the module is the element that “makes visible” the real subject: space that in this way becomes perceptible, becomes created.

M. Meneguzzo