Jacob Hashimoto V is American artist Jacob Hashimoto’s fifth exhibition at Studio la Città since he began working with the gallery in the late 1990’s.  For this exhibition Hashimoto is preparing a number of new, wall based kite installations which continue his exploration into the seemingly endless possibilities and curious juxtapositions between landscape and abstraction.  Additionally, Hashimoto is designing on a room-sized environmental installation that will completely dominate back half of the gallery space.  This complex installation is comprised of a number of intersecting elements, from digital sculpture to drawing to canopies of thousands of kites, all intersecting to create a sculptural environment that will wrap around the viewer in an overwhelming physical collage.  This installation directly references older bodies of his work, quite literally wrapping them around and weaving them through more recent projects, creating a non-linear timeline of a vision that has taken him most of the last decade to realize.  Visitors to the space will be allowed to walk under, through, and around the sculptural installation, the texture, lighting and angle of the work, shifting and changing as they travel through its lush architecture.