MACRO inaugurated the entrance to its new wing with a site specific installation by Jacob Hashimoto.
Silence Still Governs Our Consciousness created a floating realm which anticipates the journey from
MACRO’s present to its future.
Hashimoto conceived this “cloud of 7000 kites” specifically for MACRO’s new exhibition gallery. The work fills the room like a “diaphanous canopy” evoking in its spectators the sensation of being “surrounded by a mist filled forest of kites and strings – a quiet, meditative, sculptural environment.” The piece synthesizes nature and technology to yield a fluid and organic landscape. This encourages meditation and evokes new readings of the gallery: as a void, as space, or as time.
Hashimoto’s aesthetic research hinges upon dialectics between void and mass, shape and content, nature and artifice. His investigation is the result of the union between science/technology and natural “exploration”; the investigation ‘make us perceive nature as it is.’ Hashimoto shows us their dynamic intersection, rather than a literal representation of nature while preserving evidence of the artistic process.