Jacob Hashimoto is continuing with his inquiry into the intersection of landscape and abstraction; he is doing so through a new series of wall pieces, beginning with his famous “kites” created for this occasion with new patterns. This show in Verona further rounds out the programme of exhibitions by the artist, someone whose work, again with Studio la Città, will also be seen in Venice as part of the group show Recursions & Mutations, to be held on the Giudecca island concurrently with the 58th Venice Biennale. Differently from the large and even vast scales that usually distinguish the artist’s work, for this solo show at Studio la Città Hashimoto has varied the colours and sizes to include some small works, consisting of geometric modules made from Japanese paper, and tiny multi-coloured collages. In some cases the drawings are more rigorous and schematic, while in others they appear to be sinuous handwriting or lace, all superimposed and delicate, however; they all have in common a continuous research into modularity and the landscape. In the works of Jacob Hashimoto the individual components act as molecules which, following carefully studied models, give life to genuine ecosystems, whether natural, vegetable or artificial.