The paintings and drawings in the exhibition at Studio la Città are a continuation of a body of work begun more than thirty years ago involving an exploration of pure presence expressed through repetitive linear pulses and horizontal movements on an abstract plane. The evolution has been gradual, the works coming from a singular philosophy.
The working process is disciplined and ritualistic in nature, the linear field being articulated by thousands of marks made one by one with the variation and imperfections reflecting the vulnerability of the human hand, a quality I find very beautiful. As a result of the focus and concentration involved, of necessity the concept of self must be set aside in order for the works to be realized. Therefore the content of the work becomes an embodiment of the intense energy involved in the working process ultimately existing as abstract presence. It has been my intention to strip painting of extraneous aspects not essential to content. These non essentials include formal compositional conventions, color as psychological cue or sentimentality as well as reflections of natural form. This is in no way minimalist but allows clarity and focus to transcend formal and material characteristics and thus become art.