Studio la Città opens Saturday 24 June, the solo show by Lucio Pozzi: Stanze#3. Wide Oil Removals 1975 – 2017, and dedicate to the Italian artist – but American by adoption – one of the gallery room, set up with a selection of his works on paper.

Towards the end of the sixties I again reduced the forms of my art, this time to discover meditative dimensions hidden in my material processes themselves. I found one occasion to trigger various emotions in the simple factor that paint once applied can be removed leaving a ghost of itself. The “Wide Oil Removals” have two layers of thick oilbar pigments, one horizontal and one vertical, applied on a sheet of paper and a lower half is removed with a wide plasterer’s knife. The resulting image may be interpreted by the viewer as s/he wishes. Stanze is a series of small informal guest shows tracing the evolution of certain families of my art. Once I start a way I never cease to return to it in cycles.