Today I would like to be a Tree

17 April – 20 May 2021

Studio la Città will be opening a group show titled Today I would like to be a Tree, devoted to trees as a subject of the work of a selection of 10 artists from different cultures and backgrounds.
Two sad events of August 2020 have led us to reflect once more on the mankind-nature relationship. We have pinpointed trees as the perspectival and focal thematic centre and have given to the show the same title as the project by Al Kadiri, of whom there are exhibited some works on paper and the original canvas. The ten artists who make up the show have chosen the tree as an object, each of them with their own voice and language, and each has delineated a personal tale that speaks of nature, mankind, the force of action and rebirth, of the ability to find a balance, and of life in all its extraordinary complexity.

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