Studio la Città will be opening VETRO: a group show that will bring together works by Stuart Arends, Luigi Carboni, Marcela Cernadas, Alberto Garutti, Herbert Hamak, Paolo Icaro, Igino Legnaghi, Esther Mathis, Luigi Ontani, Roberto Pugliese, Costas Varotsos, and Giorgio Vigna.

The leitmotif of the whole show is the very use of this material, glass, used by the artists in the most diverse ways.

Hélène de Franchis says, Glass has always been a material that fascinates me. I have always loved to collect glass objects of every kind, with a preference for sandblasted glass. But every variety of this material really fascinates me. So the idea of involving a heterogeneous group of artists to show their ideas about this material started from a curiosity to know how this material is used in contemporary art. It is interesting to see how each of them has interpreted this challenge: some of the artists I chose have used it with great acumen, given that glass is the favourite medium for a large part of their work; others were not greatly aware of it because glass is a non-exclusive detail for making their works.