Intervista a Naila Kettaneh-Kunigk

video Naila

For the finissage of the exhibition I am one acquainted with the night, opened last June, we now publish the video interview with Naila Kettaneh-Kunigk, owner of the Tanit gallery in Beirut, made by Michele Alberto Sereni. WATCH THE VIDEO

I am one acquainted with the night is a collaborationbetween Studio la Città and Galerie Tanit, Beirut reflecting solidarity and resilience. It borrows its titlefrom a poem by Robert Frost. It declares familiarity with darkness, to allow the light to come back through thework of 15 artists. The exhibition is part of a program that began in April 2021 with the group show
Today I would like to be a Tree, in which Studio la Città exhibited Al Kadiri’s charcoal drawings, sold to finance the reconstruction of the buildings destroyed by the explosion at the port of Beirut.


Studio la Città
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More news

  • Studio la Città renews its collaboration with Art Stays in Ptuj. The 22nd edition of Slovenia’s largest contemporary art festival features exhibitions, performances and projects by international artists, including Shaun Gladwell with the video In a Station of the Metro, and Davide Maria Coltro with two new works from the SPY PORTRAITS series.
    The programme was realized by the festival’s artistic director Jernej Forbici and creative director Marika Vicari, together with guest curators.

    Until SEPTEMBER 8, 2024

  • The exhibition Il coraggio della pittura presents precisely Paolo Patelli‘s most productive period when his works seduced the general public at Italian and international fairs. The works range from 1988 to 1991 with the aim of re-presenting today a way of being painting that is still relevant: physical, material, colourful, acted out. Until October 16th, 2024.

  • Anna Galtarossa returns to Studio la Città on Saturday, June 15th with an all-new exhibition. The artist enters with her tapestries in a solo show that should answer the question What is painting? Until October 16th, 2024. 

  • Davide Maria Coltro is opening his first solo exhibition at Studio la Città on Saturday, June 15th. The show, entitled Una tela viva. L’invenzione del Quadro Mediale wll run until October 16th, 2024.

  • The site specific exhibition “Davide Bramante Pan_Estesìa. Tutta la bellezza che ho negli occhi” opened on Tuesday 14 May in the Galleria Regionale of Palazzo Bellomo in Syracuse (Sicily). The exhibition is curated by Laura Milani and the Civita Sicilia team, promoted by the Museum that hosts it, produced and organized by Civita Sicilia. It runs until October 31, 2024

  • The notebook Giorgio Vigna donated to the Moleskine Foundation Collection will be exhibited in the Detour “The legendary power of creativity on paper” exhibition in collaboration with Moleskine in the spaces of Pinacoteca Ambrosiana in Milan until June 11, 2024.

  • About Us is the new art project created by Tracey Snelling for The Home of The Human Safety Net, which complements the interactive exhibition A World of Potential at the Procuratie Vecchie in San Marco square. It will be on display for visitors until March 24, 2025.

  • Until June 16th, the Museo Diocesano of Vicenza hosts RE GENESIS L’istinto prima della ragione, a double solo show by Lucio Pozzi and Alberto Salvetti curated by Sandro Orlandi Stagl and Chiara Fanceschini.

  • Luigi Carboni‘s artwork “Oro Ossidazione” (1991) has been included in the exhibition project “The Blue Gold” curated by Leonardo Regano at the Museo dei Bronzi Dorati e della Città di Pergola. The exhibition runs until December 15, 2024.

  • Saturday February 10, 2024 the exhibition TORN CURTAIN buongiorno, buonasera opens in the gallery. Like a narration of lives that run parallel, the exhibition – rather mysterious and unusual – presents a figurative dialogue between Luca Massimo Barbero and Hélène de Franchis; more than 60 works are on display, chosen according to each curator’s taste, with as many artists from various periods of art history, including painting, sculpture, installations and ceramics. The show has been extended until June 1st, 2024.

  • Verso Terra (Towards Earth) is the new Antonio Ievolella solo show, curated by Nicola Galvan and Mattia Munari, currently on display at the Maco Arte in Padua. On this occasion, some works by the sculptor are exhibited all united by a thematic commonality: water. The exhibition will remain open until February 10, 2024.

  • Hiroyuki Masuyama is one of the artists on display in the exhibition CASPAR DAVID FRIEDRICH. Art for a New Age, presented at the Hamburger Kunsthalle on the occasion of Caspar David Friedrich’s 250th birthday. The exhibition continues until April 1, 2024.

  • The large diptych in resin and pigments by Herbert Hamak has been chosen by the curator Truls Blaasmo together with artworks by young talents and great international artists to be exhibited in the Gucci boutique in via Montenapoleone 5 in Milan, which reopened last December completely renovated.

  • The Fundación Pablo Atchugarry of Miami presents 1989 from the Sinai to Harlem, by Pennsylvania based artist, Emil Lukas. The exhibition runs until April 27, 2024.

  • Luigi Carboni is one of the artists on display in the exhibition IO AMO TE, promoted by the City of Teramo with the organization of Arti Grafiche della Torre, realized thanks to the collaboration of the Accademia Raffaello and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Urbino. The exhibition, held in the Casa Natale di Raffaello in Urbino continues until 14 January 2024.

  • Piazza San Marco becomes the stage for the event “Murano Illumina il Mondo”, promoted by The Venice Glass Week and the City of Venice. A total of twelve artists and designers are involved in the project, invited to reinterpret and transform a daily use object, such as the chandelier, into a true work of art. Giorgio Vigna, alongside whom the skilled craftsmen of Barovier&Toso, brings to life the suspended light sculpture Siphonophera. Until February 29, 2024.

  • Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo e la Documentazione (ICCD) presents the exhibition Vincenzo Castella. Rinascimento, luce naturale curated by Francesca Fabiani, set up until 22 March 2024 in the spaces of the former ICCD Church of Zitelle, in Rome.

  • From 25 November we will host in the gallery a space set up by Corraini Edizioni aimed mainly at a very young audience, but more generally to lovers of books and artist’s objects such as those of Munari, Enzo Mari and many others. An opportunity to make a gift for the upcoming holidays. Until 23 December 2023.


  • Saturday, November 25, 2023 at 11am opens in the gallery the exhibition Poem without word curated by Stanislao Vialardi. Hélène de Franchis invited, a young collector, Vialardi, to propose a selection of young artists present in his collection and not represented by Studio la Città. Thus the title of the show: poem without words, with works by Cleo Fariselli, Francesca Ferreri, Sophie Ko, Renato Leotta, Agathe Rosa, Manuel Scano Larrazàbal, Serena Vestrucci. Until January 27, 2024.

  • Tracey Snelling’s work Chongqing Nights will be on display within the exhibition Look out, see in, a solo show by the Romanian artist Cristian Avram, hosted in the exhibition spaces of Boccanera Gallery Milano. On view from 24 November 2023 to 13 January 2024.

  • The work Temporali by Alberto Garutti is installed on the roof of the MAXXI in Rome – side via Masaccio. A large luminous writing, which says: Queste luci vibreranno quando in Italia un fulmine cadrà durante i temporali. Quest’opera è dedicata a chi passando di qui penserà al cielo.
    Until 6 October 2024.

  • The project by Massimiliano Gatti Firaq, already exhibited in the gallery, will be part of the collective exhibition of the finalists of the Premio Francesco Fabbri per le Arti Contemporanee, hosted in Villa Brandolini, Treviso and curated by Carlo Sala. From 25 November to 17 December 2023.

  • At the Laguna Art Museum in California is set up Burghers of Cali a Ballad of Redwood Spirits by Andre Woodward, a sound installation that brings together the famous tree cubes with the latest work by Redwood Spirits. Until 4 February 2024.

  • Ten years after his death, Milan is devoting a major exhibition to Gabriele Basilico (1944-2013), divided between two exhibition venues: Palazzo Reale and Triennale Milano. This is the first great tribute by the city in which Basilico was born and lived. Until February 11, 2024. 

  • Arthur Duff is one of four contemporary artists called to create site-specific works for the exhibition Felicitazioni! CCCP – Fedeli alla linea 1984 – 2024, curated by the four founders of the band. The exhibition celebrates 40 years since the release of the first EP “Orthodoxy” of the CCCP and is divided into the Chiostri di San Pietro in Reggio Emilia. The exhibition has been extended until March 10, 2024.

  • Architetture oblique is the solo show of Vincenzo Castella on display at Triennale Milano until January 7th, 2024. The exhibition curated by Lorenza Bravetta – curator for photography, cinema and new media at Triennale Milano – presents two themes investigated by Castella: cities and urban gardens.

  • Studio la Città participates in the 56th edition of ArtCologne from 16 to 19 November 2023. In collaboration with Boccanera Gallery, six artists will be on display: Emil Lukas, Herbert Hamak and Jacob Hashimoto for Studio la Città and Linda Carrara, Andrea Fontanari and Gabriele Grones for Boccanera Gallery.

  • From 24 September to 29 October 2023, on the occasion of Bergamo Brescia Capitale Italiana della Cultura 2023, Quadri come luoghi opens to the public, curated by Davide Ferri, in collaboration with Barbara Meneghel and with the coordination of Miral Rivalta. The exhibition includes the work of 23 artists and is structured in five spaces. Works by Antonio Marchetti Lamera are shown at Cascina Castello (BG).

  • There are around twenty new works that the artist Marcela Cernadas has created for the exhibition Manifesto di Sabbia, conceived by the Centro Studi del Vetro of the Fondazione Giorgio Cini in conjunction with the festival The Venice Glass Week 2023. The show runs until December 21, 2023.

  • Paratissima presents, within the framework of Spazio alle ARTI in Cavallerizza, Sticky Eyes, the site-specific installation by Arthur Duff. The installation, curated by Francesca Canfora and Laura Tota, will be visible for free at night until 5 November 2023.