Today I would like to be a tree, 2020

Abed Al Kadir (Beirut, 1984), lives and works in Beirut.
Born in Beirut, Lebanese multidisciplinary artist and Curator Abed Al Kadiri double majored in Arabic Literature and Fine Arts. His work focuses on the deprivation of freedom in society by analyzing contemporary issues of violence, cultural heritage, migration and belonging.
This work is part of a project born in the summer of 2020: two paper murals consisting of 80 sheets, each of which has been sold online and the profits of which will be used for the reconstruction of buildings destroyed in Beirut on 4 August 2020. In this way trees become the answer, the antidote, the life that embraces the earth, the path to healing.


Today I would like to be a tree – Mural #1 Drawing #35, 2020
charcoal on paper
cm. 70 x 100
cm. 100 x 118 x 4,5 with white frame and museum glass


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