Cube Portrait Purple with Gold

Andre Woodward (Newport Beach, California, 1977).
Andre Woodward directs his artistic efforts also to the representation of a disappearing nature, and does so through photography, creating small and large images dedicated to the secular trees of California present in the forests of Ancient Bristlecone, Coastal Redwoods and Giant Sequoia.
Three years ago, just before the pandemic, a fire devastated Big Basin State Park, California’s oldest state park that houses the oldest and tallest coastal redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The same happened more recently, in September 2021, in Sequoia National Park where 10% of the mature population of giant sequoias burned.
This experience was the source of Woodward’s new work that, moving away from sculpture for a while, now also focuses on photography.

Cube Portrait Purple with Gold, 2019
Digital photograph, marker, white out, enamel, gold leaf
cm 30,4 x 20,3
cm 32,5 x 23,5 x 5 with black frame


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