Prima e dopo lo Zenit

Antonio Marchetti Lamera was born in 1964 in Torre Pallavicina (Bergamo),  where he lives and works.

“The sun is a part of the sundial and the earth is its motor, just as the spring is the motor of the mechanical clock. If there is no shadow, the clock does not work; the latter depends on the sun and the movement of the shadow depends on the rotation of the earth, the solar clock is a system that by necessity includes the two celestial bodies. A 360-degree shadow taken at exactly noon on June 21, 2021, the summer solstice, is drawn on the Sun”
Antonio Marchetti Lamera

Prima e dopo lo Zenit, 2023
Texts by Matteo Galbiati
Translations by Ilaria Longhi
Vanilla Edizioni
128 pages

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