CAROL RAMA, Seduzioni e Sortilegi

Carol Rama – Olga Carolina Rama (Torino, 1918 – 2015)

In spite of a wealthy bourgeois childhood (Rama was the daughter of an entrepreneur who was involved in the automotive industry at the time), the artist soon had to deal with difficult family events, including her mother’s psychiatric treatment and her father’s presumed suicide. Her art thus became a way of exorcising suffering and inner fears.
Work, painting, for me, has always been something that allowed me to feel less unhappy, less poor, less ugly, and also less ignorant… I paint to heal myself.

This catalog has been published for the exhibition “Seduzioni e Sortilegi”, made in collaboration with Pinuccia Sardi, president of the Sardi per l’Arte Foundation.
In 2019, the Sardi per l’Arte Foundation purchased from the heirs the contents of the artist’s studio house, lending it to the Archivio Carol Rama, which today manages it and enables public access to it.
For this reason, the exhibition features a dedicated section with 12 photographs by the artist Bepi Ghiotti, from the series Inside Carol Rama, realized over two years of photographic sessions inside Carol Rama’s house.
Another photographic look inside Rama’s home-studio is represented by the black and white shots taken by Roberto Goffi, part of a series titled La Casa di Carol.

exhibition curated by Marco Meneguzzo
essays by Marco Meneguzzo and Pinuccia Sardi
80 pages in colour
published by Silvana Editoriale


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