DAVIDE BRAMANTE, Diagonale d’Oriente

Born in Syracuse in November 1970.
The exhibition Diagonale d’Oriente takes its title from the line that the artist traced on his geographical atlas, given to him by his parents about thirty years ago. The national political geography arouses in the artist, very fond of this instrument able to make him travel and dream, the desire to trace on it routes and trajectories of fantastic itineraries, some already lived, others still to be realized. The cities and places crossed by this diagonal follow the order of the route: Syracuse, Augusta, L’Etna, Ischia, Urbino, S. Marino, Ravenna, Comacchio, Padua. The journey is like an air route that connects two cities located in the eastern area of the Italian peninsula, two cities rich in history and culture separated by over 1000 km of territory but, at the same time, put in communication by 30 days of exploration.

Catalogue for exhibition at the Galleria Sottopasso della Stua, Padua, 2008
Edited by Enrico Gusella
Texts by Manlio Sgalambro and Enrico Gusella (Italian)
50 pages

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