EELCO BRAND, Persistence of vision – Painting with Software

Eelco Brand was born in Rotterdam in 1969. He lives and works in Breda.

Eelco Brand’s artistic production belongs to a pictorial tradition in which landscape and fashion scenes play a primary role. These landscapes are associated with abstract elements. Absurdity and humor, constantly accompany his works. The landscapes seem familiar to us, so much so as to evoke the impression of having seen them before – they are stereotypes built completely in a virtual way, but with a strong expressive power. However the form is not any form of visualization of landscapes, but of what we see with the eyes of our mind when we imagine them. Eelco Brand’s works lead us to reflect on our perception of reality.

Leaflet published for the exhibition at Studio la Città, 2012
Text by Lien Heyting (English /Italian)
8 pages


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