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Eelco Brand was born in Rotterdam in 1969. He lives and works in Breda.
The oeuvre of Eelco Brand belongs to a pictorial tradition in which landscape and genre scenes play a leading role, but goes beyond the traditional forms of this genre.
Realistically looking landscapes are combined with abstract components, absurdity and humour are constantly accompanying his the artworks.
“Painting is mainly made up of elements that are added or removed. You work on an image that evolves through its logic and for me, the construction of a 3D image coincides with painting. But above all to enter the virtual space by overcoming the two-dimensional surface and offers the opportunity to animate a scene.”

V Movi, 2003
Endless DVD with monitor, edition 6/6
monitor with box frame in white wood – cm. 35 x 57 x 9,5

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