#0474 – Density Study, 1997

Emil Lukas (Pittsburgh, 1964) lives and works in Stockertown, Pennsylvania, USA.

In Lukas’ works, painting and sculpture merge/confuse: a sheet of paper is not just a surface, not just a container of space, but also a space into which a phantom doodle fits. This means loosening all ‘signs’ from their institutional knot and initiating them into a drift of meaning.
Lukas’ work should not be interpreted as something uniform, but as something that renews itself. For Emil Lukas, it is not the concept of product, of work, of offering something finished to the eye that counts, but his interest is in showing the fieri, the making of art itself.

This work was shown in the exhibition Senza Tema. Paper at Studio la Città in 2018.

#0474 – Density Study, 1997
Watercolour and thread
35.8 x 30 cm
cm 36 x 46 x 1.5 with frame


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