Esther Mathis has always been attracted by glass and its oxymoronic nature: in her works metal and cement structures are contrasted to the fragility inherent of glass.
These works were made for a collective exhibition with an emblematic title, Vetro (Studio la Citta, March-May 2020), whose leitmotif was the very use of this material, declined by artists in the most diverse ways.
Untitled is made up of rubble stones, found on the banks of the Limmat River in Zurich, mechanically broken and therefore not rounded or smooth. The artist then applied on every piece small glass balls perfectly spherical and generally used in the pharmaceutical industry.
The shape and the combination of them allows you to reflect the light intensely, returning a dynamic effect on the surface that they cover, as if they were animated. Regardless of the viewing and lighting angle, they seem to turn on and off.

Esther Mathis lives and works in Zurich.
She exhibited for the first time at Studio la Città in 2016. She attended the IED in Milan where she won a scholarship for the SVA in New York and finished in 2015 the Master in Art at ZHdK in Zurich.
Her works have been exhibited in several shows, including Präparat Bergsturz at the Chur Museum, and Doings & Knots at Tallinn Arthall. Her work was part of the Shenzhen Biennale and of the exhibition “Paradise, Lost” curated by Christoph Doswald in 2019.
She had several solo shows between 2020 and 2021 in private galleries and commissions for site-specific installations in public spaces.



Stones I, 2020
Stones, glass balls, glue
5 pieces, variable dimensions (5 – 15 cm)

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