Angelico geometrico

Born in Rovereto in 1901, Fausto Melotti was one of the personalities who gave prestige to his city of origin.
Since the mid-1930s, in the Italy of the return to the figurative order, he set his abstract and almost two-dimensional sculptures, built on a courageous and absolutely innovative language.
Since then, the experimenter’s vein did not abandon him anymore; associated with an instinctive tension towards musical harmony, led him in the creation of a work now recognized, in Italy and abroad, as one of the most significant of our artistic twentieth century.
Along with Fontana, Burri or Vedova, Fausto Melotti is an absolute protagonist of Italian art to which many exponents of the following artistic generations have looked.

Volume published for the exhibition “Angelico geometrico” at MART in Rovereto, curated by Denis Viva in 2012.
Texts by Francesca Bacci, Daniela Ferrari, Gabriele Lorenzoni, Giovanni Marzari.
128 pages.
Black and white and color illustrations.
Electa Ed.


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