Iran 1970

Gabriele Basilico (Milano 1944 – 2013).
In the summer of 1970 Gabriele Basilico left Milan with a Fiat 124, hypothetical destination Kabul. It’s the initiatory journey of the generation of “flower children”, the road to India, and Basilico has the intention of making a series of photos to sell to some magazines. The project will not be completed, but in the personal archive those shots were carefully kept and the Milanese photographer sometimes thought of making a book. The photos of those early years are called “Basilico prima di Basilico” because they show the signs of the birth of a vocation.

Iran 1970 , 2015
introduction by Luca Doninelli, essays by Gabriele Basilico and Giovanna Calvenzi
80 pages, black and white photographs, 37×21 cm
Humboldt Books


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