GIORGIO VIGNA, Acque Astrali

Giorgio Vigna was born in Verona in 1955.
He lives between Milan and Venice.
“…my work and my research are situated on a border, an edge, between reality and imagination. This borderline, in the process of my exploration, dilates and creates a suspended space-time where time is subjective and space imaginary. It is in this suspension that new “natural states” of matter and form emerge and reveal themselves, which would otherwise not be perceivable: micro and macrocosm intertwine, large and small, light and heavy, solid and liquid, cold and warm exchange places and generate objects that, in encountering them, also ask for a suspension of prejudice based on the experience of the already known”….

Acque Astrali, 2020
Hand-cut Murano glass stones with air bubble inserts
11 x 10 x 7,5 cm
18 x 19 x 11 cm
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