Giorgio Vigna was born in Verona in 1955. He lives and works in Milano.
His works, from sculptures to jewelry, the works on paper or the site specific installations, are at the boundary between reality and imagination, natural forms capable of manifesting primary and primordial aspects.
By his constant research, Vigna reveals hidden possibilities of various materials – glass, metals and paper – always treated in new and surprising mode and enriched with symbolic meanings.
In his Cosmografie – works on paper made with a technique called aquatype, where the ink is dispersed in water to create unpredictable galaxies – Giorgio Vigna temporarily leaves the form and spatiality of his main materials – silver, copper, gold, bronze, glass – in favor of the two-dimensional surface.

Cosmografia, 2023
Inck on Hahnemühle paper
cm 32 x 32,5 ca

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