GIUSEPPE UNCINI, Opere dal 1958 a oggi

Giuseppe Uncini (Fabriano 1929 – Trevi 2008) was an Italian sculptor and painter, famous for his iron and cement works. Uncini used materials, such as cement and iron rods, at that time used only in construction, and seen as unlikely in the artistic field. This innovation had a direct influence on the American movement of Minimal Art and on the Italian Arte Povera. The aesthetics of cement and iron became the hallmark of his work. Through the use of these materials, Uncini has also revolutionized many technical aspects of sculpture, absorbing complex engineering procedures, visible in the untreated surfaces of his works, which bear the signs of industrial production.

Catalogue realised by Galleria Eva Menzio and Galleria Ippolito Simonis, 1989
Text by Francesco Vincitorio (Italian/English/French)
44 pages

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