S.T. H982N

Herbert Hamak (Unterfranken, 1952) lives and works in Hammelburg.
Painting or sculpture? Perhaps the work of the artist, who has always and still calls himself a painter, is a mix of the two. One of the key aspects of his art is of passage: a state of passage and of a condition in which colour and three-dimensionality in space live together in perfect harmony.
In his works, colour and light form an inseparable unit: all light is colour and the colour is the consequence of diverse light moods that are dependent on the time of day, the weather and other environmental factors.
The canvas, the work support, disappears altogether and what ultimately matters is pure colour and the light that spills into it.

S.T. H982N, 2007
Resin and pigments on canvas
cm. 30 x 30 x 7


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