HIROYUKI MASUYAMA, J.M.W. Turner, Looking east from the Giudecca, Sunrise, 1819

Hiroyuki Masuyama was born in Tsukuba, Japan,in 1968. He lives and works in Düsseldorf.
Hiroyuki Masuyama’s variously sized light-boxes are not simply photographic reproductions of the paintings and watercolours of William Turner. They are instead a conceptual process on the work of this great English artist. Their subject is the works undertaken by Turner during his first journey from London to Venice. Masuyama has followed each stage of this journey and took visual notes, but in a different medium: instead of sketches he has used photography.

Illuminated light box with led lights – 22,4 x 28,6 x 4 cm
35 x 39 x 16 cm (wooden box)
signed and numbered on the LED panel – edition 7/7
(including transformer and remote control)

Installation instructions:
PAG.01; PAG.02; PAG.03

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