museum of Castelvecchio

Nine modern sculptors in Castelvecchio, 1981

“The occasion of this exhibition seems to highlight some aspects of the function that the Museum of Castelvecchio plays in the city of Verona. Located in the historic centre, now part of the physical and urban structure of the city, Castelvecchio is the typical case of a slow and ductile development of a monument over the centuries. What makes these types of structures alive is not their fateful destiny, however, but the ability that the city must have to adapt their virtual urban potential to the times, circumstances, needs of city life in changing events.”
Licisco Magagnato

Il Luogo della Forma, 1981
Antico, Camoni, Carrino, Gabino, Gerhart
Pardui, Staccioli, Tucker, Uncini

essays by Licisco Magagnato, Gillo Dorfles
soft colour cover, black and white photos, pages 98, 21×15,5 cm
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