Souvenir, 2000

Jonathan Seliger (New York, 1955) lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.
Jonathan Seliger proposes works that appear as containers. The serenity of their construction is doubly reinforced by the physical and conceptual clarity of the trompe l’oeil surfaces, surfaces that appositively re-present a wide range of specific cultural, social and economic indicators. The wide variety of subjects reminds us of how mobile, fluid and consumable these indicators are. So even though the construction and presentation of Selinger’s works seem to challenge the condition of the painting as something that should remain motionless on the wall, the way they are painted manages to ‘hold’ everything in place, and although they are empty, inside the sack of Seliger’s tangible and transportable still lifes, there are many important notions.
Seliger reiterates that a large part of the ‘content’ of his work is precisely the painting and the self-reflexive relationship with his own history.

The work was published in the catalogue Jonathan Seliger , 2000, produced for the exhibition at Studio la Città.

Souvenir, 2000
Oil, alkyd, acrylic, Gudio on assorted papers
Framed between two panes of glass
cm 27 x 20


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