LA MUSÉE 2, 2020

Studio la Città starts its new season of exhibitions with the show La Musée 2, a group show that brings together sixteen international artists: 13 women and 3 men.
The first edition of the show, conceived by Azad Asifovich, was held in the rooms of the Galerie Italienne, Paris, and proposes to overturn a condition that is common to many museum collections, which consist of 80% male artists and 20% females.
Here the proportion is purposely inverted with the aim of unhinging the current system of art and culture in which artistic values and models are traditionally attributed to men. Another particularity of this show is itinerancy and variation: so here at Studio la Città some presences have been changed with respect to the Parisian edition. The long-term aim of this group show is, in fact, to propose a tour of various localities, increasing each time the exhibition proposal even while maintaining its objective intact.

Photo Album, 2020
Catalogue created for exhibition by Azad Asifovich
Project by Michele Alberto Sereni
Numbered and signed on the back
Limited edition of 80 copies

 15,00 ( + IVA 22 % )