Untitled, 1994

Luca Caccioni (Bologna 1962) stands out on the art scene for his chaste, impure, Apollonian and at the same time Dionysian sign. The artist listens to the world and, like a spider at the centre of his web, tries to grasp new elements to create his art.
Biel Amer in the catalogue Luca Caccioni: Zeichen theatre (1996) states:

“If the primordial sign escapes our memory, Luca Caccioni has the ability to freely recover the diaphanous mass of air that surrounds him and to discover the romantic breath that envelops each subject (individual).

[…]Recovering emotion, emotionality, romanticism without melancholy, oxygenating the air, are forgotten aspirations. We all feel nostalgia for something deep down, and Luca Caccioni has made it possible for each sign, dot, or shadow to transport some of those moments that our nostalgic memory holds. To come up with these timeless images is almost a miracle.”

Untitled, 1994
Pigments on overlapping acetate on paper
cm 70 x 100
cm 74 x 104 x 2.5 with frame


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