Inglewood, N. La Brea Ave. April 27

Lucas Reiner (Los Angeles, 1960), lives and works in Los Angeles and Berlin
Trees have long been the focus of Lucas Reiner’s artistic work.  In 2001, he began painting trees in his hometown of Los Angeles, where the growth and needs of civilization put him to the test. Their ability to resist, to be stronger and more vital than adversity, becomes a story of the complex relationship between man and nature. The artist was also present in the collective exhibition “Today I would like to be a Tree” at Studio la Città in 2021, precisely because he found in the trees a subject of great versatility, whose study manages to express an infinite variety of sensations, both contemporary and ancient, and to bear the weight of the universal desire to understand the deepest mysteries of life.


Inglewood, N. La Brea Ave. April 27, 2020
Tempera and wax on muslin on wooden panel
cm 26 x 21 x 1


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