GARDEN NIGHT 14 July 2014

Lucio Pozzi (Milan, 1935) now divides his time between Hudson, a town north of New York, and Valeggio sul Mincio (Verona).

He has devoted his entire life to the search for the language of painting, like a Zen master who asks the emperor for dozens of years, only to resolve in one masterly gesture the work he was commissioned to do. Here, Pozzi’s attitude is similar to that of a Zen master who knows his life is dedicated to only one thing, but is not so synthetic: on the contrary, he is really an analytical soul, deductive rather than inductive, and his life – which coincides with his work – is there to prove it.

GARDEN NIGHT 14 July 2014, 2014
Pastels on paper
cm 56 x 76
cm 58 x 78 with frame


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