LUCIO POZZI, Scatter Painting 2019

Lucio Pozzi was born in Milan in 1935. He lives between Hudson (NY) and Valeggio sul Mincio.

He devoted his entire life to researching the language of painting, as a Zen master who asks the emperor for decades of time, to then solve the commissioned work in a single masterful gesture. Well, Pozzi’s attitude is similar to that of a Zen master who knows his life to be dedicated to one thing, but he is not so synthetic: on the contrary, he is an anlytical soul, deductive rather than inductive, and his life – which coincides with his work – is there to prove it.
Ceramic is one of the many materials that he has experimented with and still uses. His work was presented at Documenta VI in 1977 and in 1980 at the Venice Biennale in the American Pavilion.

Folding made on the occasion of the exhibition “Scatter Painting” at the gallery Studio la Città, 2019.
Text by Marco Meneguzzo (Italian/English)
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