Untitled, 2013

Luigi Carboni (Pesaro, 1957) lives and works in Pesaro.

He is one of the most ingenious Italian painters of his generation, yet his canvases very often look like sculpture… But his deception has a purpose.
In the second half of the 1980s, his work frequently used geometric objects, loosely organised in relation to a grid structure. The grid could be identified with a metal rack or, more simply, with the way the elements of the work were arranged. From such a combination, an ambiguous interplay arose between the structure and the free application of paint, and between the paint and the solid forms of the objects.

This piece is part of a group of works made for the Benetton Foundation’s IMAGO MUNDI collection in 2013.

Untitled, 2013
Acrylic on canvas
cm 10 x 20


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